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The Cob Doll, Hakibutz Hameuchad, 2014

Prof. Hillel Barzel:
"The book of poems The Cob Doll is a good example of a breakthrough, out of control
of multiple modes of expression,
while listening attentively to all that tradition may give ...
We find in her poetry an old world that imparts an excellent heritage of Yemenite poetry
and liturgical poems, alongside a modern world standing on the shoulders of giants and
with postmodernism, which allows for completely personal breakthroughs and surprising
originality The connection between genre and genre is in freedom and choice,
Present and future
are hidden in letters that are present in a constant flow of poetry The language is rich and
complex from all levels of the language: the biblical language in the atmosphere of ancient
together with the language of modernity and postmoderna, in terms of electronic communication
and the blender

All the books are in constant momentum of renewal, of journey and assault on the
landscapes of the mind and journeys of the sight of natural sights ... A layer on top of a layer,
the Book of poems The Cob Doll, added to the Green Morning (1997), A Blue Eye Beam (2000)

Home Landscapes (2003) Alift to the Sea (2005), Light Cycle Song and Woman (2009),
Spring Symphony (2011), Waking the Enzymes (2011) - the poetess’ previous books -
with poetic additions from ongoing research and study; Poetics and poetry
in mutual enrichment and innovation. We have a colorful, multi-directional poetic
enterprise that promises continuity and continuity."