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I was born in Amqa, a village located near Nahariya, to a large family that was for me like a small-scale
kibbutz. That has greatly influenced my life and my poems.
I've written poems ever since I was a small
child. A traumatic experience in my life, followed by a long-lasting mental shock, has strengthened
my attraction to poetry and made it essential for the rest of my life.
My poetry writing has been influenced by the best of contemporary poetry. Especially the best poets
in Hebrew poetry, such as Esther Raab, Rachel Bluwstein, Leah Goldberg, Nathan Alterman, Yehuda
Amichai, Natan Yonatan and Dahlia Ravikovitch have affected my writings. I've written consistently.
Most of my materials have been gathered and stored, and few are published in books.
Without the encouragement and support given to me by Natan Yonatan, who edited my first book,
I would probably not have been where I am today, since my fear of exposure was a lot more evident than my
wishes to be a renowned poet. I see in this website another tier in the connection between me and
you: readers, reviewers, students, kinsmen and friends.
I hope you'll find interest in this website, and enjoy my works.


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