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Nofey Habayit (Landscape of Home) is my third poetry book,
published by Carmel-Jerusalem in 2003. Home is the internal home,
home of the soul, the place of feelings, dreams and thoughts.
The first title of the book deals with the internal home and with
 the language that connects the home of the poet's soul and the home
 of the fellowman's soul. Another aspect of home is a person's childhood,
and the source of many experiences that shaped him 
and his basic visions.
The second title, "Landscapes of the Old Home" deals with childhood memories,
at times as a reflection of the society as a whole throughout historical time.
This way, the poem "Juliet" portrays the status of an immigrant
whose social status is reversed as a result of immigration.
It happened to immigrants before the state was established, it happened to the immigrants
 of the 50's and the 60's, and it happens in the present still.
Another aspect of home the book deals with is the nuclear family,
and mainly the companionship (as the words of Hazal - Talmudic rabbis:
"A man's home - his
wife"), And the third an last title "Scratched Landscape"
deals with the breaking home and the end of the companionship.
(From: Levi, Kapah Avivit, "Home's Landscape - the Soul's Landscape", Hatzofe, January 12 2007)

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