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Boker Yarok (Green Morning), my first book, was published thanks to Natan Yonatan's
If he hadn't encouraged me then, I would probably not have been a poet today. I suppose
I would have kept                                                                          
hiding my poems in the drawer, or more correctly in the computer's "womb". While the book was in publishing
progress I regretted my decision to publish my poems, because of the fear of exposure. I felt as if I were
stripped emotionally after long years of hiding. I asked Natan Yonatan to cancel the contract, but he only smiled
 a broad smile and said: "it's too late, the birth is near." I've learned to live with the exposure after my book won
the Minister of Education's Prize for first books, the Adler ("Idud") Prize and a grant from the President Fund,
and I've accepted it completely after getting exciting letters from readers.
On the book's cover, Natan Yonatan wrote: "I've enjoyed these poems, which have some freshness of observation
and of expression; innocence, wisdom and benevolence with the world, nature and humanity; joie de vivre and virtues
that are hardly found nowadays in fresh poetry. Nevertheless, Chelly Abraham-Eitan has some sobriety, maybe even
an ironic view on life, mature intelligence and writing characteristics that are noticable in modern poetry."
From the arguments pf the Minister of Education's Prize Committee: "Chelly Eitan's poems deal with varied topics,
including poems of rural scenery, love poems, femininity, masculinity, erotic experiences, body of the soul, states of mind,
existential situations, using both scientific and cosmic terms. Her language is lucid with picturesque musical linguistic
expressions on which the effects of Hebrew Poetry since the 60th are definitely apparent. In addition, there's unconcealed
reference to her predecessors in Hebrew Literature, and it is certainly a point in her favor…"

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