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 After I had passed the publication of my first book and gotten encouraging responses and prizes,
 I had a need to communicate with my readers, and henceforth, publishing books has become a part               
  of my writing process.
 My poems have been published in literary magazines: "Mozna'im", "Pseifas", "Iton77", "Apirion", "Nativ",
  "HaUma", "Me'asef Yerushala'im", "Mabo'a", "Tehudah", "HaZofe", "Makor Rishon", etc.
 Also, articles about my songs are published in those magazines.
 The editor Itamar Yaoz-Kesset wrote on my book:
 "Chelly Abraham-Eitan's second book 'Keren A'in Kchula' completes the same feminine and colorful world
  that has characterized her writing in previous years. It is a world in which plants and animals appear in two
 aspects: the realistic view that is all around the poet, and the symbol system that expresses a woman's
 internal feelings. Contrasting emotions are intense but can be monitored by the intellect, which is also
 familiar to the ironic view on life experiences…"

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